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Thursday, May 11, 2006

boring, boring, and oh! more boring.

You know you're getting to be quite a bit of dork when you get a good giggle out of life insurance. Well I did, and it was funny! Shut up!

I have been pondering the fact that Jimmy has no life insurance for quite some time now, and feeling highly agitated about that in my own OCD "a detail hasn't been attended to" way. I mean,'s wedding checklist totally had that detail on my wedding prep list, right around our sixth week of engagement!


So I finally took care of it today, eleven months (whoops, that was yesterday. Happy Eleven-Monthaversary to me!) into this crazy marriage experiment of ours. The laughing part came when the whole issue couldn't be simply resolved in an email--oh no, I had to ask many questions and create such a state of confusion in the emails I wrote that it caused an agent to call me. He started it, the laughing. He was laughing at me because I was so damn confused.

That's okay, because I've known him forever (he taught our class about stocks when I was in fifth grade) and he is also, as it turns out, great at explaining all the different life insurance types there are. And it seems there are many, and they are varied, and really I don't care anymore but it's done and I don't have to think about it. Not for twenty years, anyway, when I will be GAH forty-two years old.


Shutting that out.

So anyway... the excitement around here just never ends.


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