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Thursday, May 04, 2006

What I'm loving today... (my hibernation-sized self not included)

1. Sunny! & warm! Hoorays all around!
2. My sister, writer of fabulous and amusing emails, is coming home next Wednesday!
3. It's Thursday, which is so-close-you-can-smell-it to Friday!
4. Grocery shopping tonight--yea for food in the house! (or not... see below)
5. Lists! and exclamation points, apparently!

There is just something about a sunny day that makes me feel so awesome.

Except the fact that I have apparently hibernated a little too long this winter. Ahem. Which is basically a polite way of saying that I am now too large for all of my cute summer clothes of last year.

Which were a size we shall not mention that I didn't want to be wearing anyway.

So, it's time to behave myself and stop eating 15 Oreos at a time (sorry, Jimmy, that was totally me in the cookie jar) and pretending that not-moving-from-the-couch is an Olympic sport. Which, by the way, if it were... gold medal to me. My stamina this winter was incredible. Seriously.

I pretty much freaked out about all this last night. Jimmy and I were going to go get ice cream (yup, you see what happened to me, don't you?) and so I went upstairs to get some sort of summery shirt.

Attempt to put first shirt on. Boobs threaten to pop out, overtake world. "Hmmm," I think, "That's strange. Maybe Jimmy shrunk this and didn't tell me."
Next shirt... "Hmm. Possibly it is too warm upstairs to store clothing... this seems to be too small. Perhaps humidity is shrinking all my shirts..."
Next shirt... "WAAAAAHHHH!!!" and etc. Jimmy was understandably simaltaneously confused and amused by my hysteria. I am somewhat amused by it now, after the fact, as I am not much one to freak out about weight/clothing size. Because really, life is too short.

But now I am also of the opinion that life is too short to not be able to wear the plethora of cute clothes in the closet simply because one's ass has grown too large. And so my "summer shape up" has begun.

So far it has consisted mostly of not attacking (or even looking at) the box of cookies in the breakroom here in the office. But it's a start.

Wish me luck... I'm going to need it.


Blogger Sara Annie said...

Good Luck Bethy. I love you.

4:07 PM  

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